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David Eicher



I've been honing my communication skills for most of my adult life, as a public speaker and educator, I've learned how to get my message across to an audience. Now, as a member of the Troyer Websites team, I've turned my skills toward online marketing. I can help you build a beautiful website that helps clearly communicate your message to your prospective clients.

Other Team Members

Jonas Troyer

Owner of Troyer Websites

James Yoho

Office Manager/ Web Designer

Stephen Miller

Assistant Nanager / Advertising / Graphic Design

Client Story

“I tried to develop a website / mobile blog in WordPress. After about a month of banging my head against a wall because I couldn’t get the site to look the way I wanted, I decided to hire a web developer. I chose sites I liked, then asked three different companies who created the site to give me a quote. I chose David at Troyer because he was recommended by one of the initial developers I asked for a quote who was too busy to take on more work and because David’s quote came in much lower than the other quotes I received. I was a little concerned though. I liked the lower quote, but I definitely knew what I wanted for a site. I had zero reason to worry. Working with David was a real pleasure. He listened to my dream for my blog site, took my examples of sites I liked for specific pages, then created pages I loved. When I wanted to change something, didn’t know how to do something myself and needed help, or just needed a nudge in the right direction, he was only a text away. He was quick to jump on a call and help me, and he always had an extremely positive attitude, which was such a relief. Best of all, he’s creative enough to offer really good suggestions that often surpassed what I could think of myself. I love my new site both on desktop and mobile. Even more, I love getting to work with David because he’s my go-to person now for support, too. Unlike big companies who farm out development and support to different people, I get to work with the same person from development through ongoing support.”

Lisa Hays

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